Poh`Kurfrunt Shipyards



Poh`Kurfrunt Shipyards is a privately held company created by the galaxy’s most notoriously lazy poker professional Zel Dour. After floating idly in space for years never utilizing the wealth that a successful career has brought him, Zel finally decided to venture into a new endeavor to occupy his time, ship building.


Every business needs a profit to sustain itself and Poh`Kurfrunt is no different. We do not wish to become the primary ship builders in the galaxy. We will be producing some ships for public sales and may even take build-to-order contracts but our main focus is to build personal fleets for our members.


Are you one of those people out there with all the necessary equipment, materials, and even workers to complete the task but you are in need of a group with specialized knowledge to manage your production? Feel free to come join us for the duration of your project; we will be offering AT COST (rounded to the nearest million) services to all.